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This is a Silat Style from Brunei. Its a Weapon-oriented System.

The initial unarmed response are the drills used to hone reflex and sensitivity, there are only 3 basic interceptions and from that «base-template» defensive & offensive entries on any attacks armed or unarmed are gained.

You learn, you understand, then you understand why you learn.


The movements and skills shown are NOT CHOREOGRAPHED.

Novices are taught to develope thier unarmed single knife awareness, reflexes, correct responses & sensitivity in thier initial training. They are taught to read body moevements through understanding body-mechanics.

«Mind-set & Intention» training is also covered practically, usually without concious to the novice. This is the most important training. It is this training that gives the Silat Suffian practitioners a good understanding of reading body-mechanics.

The drills & mind-set are designed to help you to respond to any intial knife attack, hidden or otherwise.

Training for 1st contact & entries are very important in Silat Suffian Bela Diri, because if you cant initially control the attack/fight could last longger, the longger the confrontation, the higher the risk of you getting injured.

In real-time, the drills will be broken-up (pachahkan) and strikes (pukulan) will be used between every entries to soften up the attacker, or to short circuit his back-up intention.

We are NOT interested to grapple or wrestle with a knife weilding attacker. Would you get both your hands tied-up against one armed man, he might have friends hiding close-by?

When u gain control of the knife hand through using the drills, dont hug him or let him hug you, start using headbutts, hands, elbow & knees, trying to grab u with his other hand is the least of his intentions. It is at this stage, he will notice your presence.

Progression of weapons in training are as follows: blunt trainer, aluminium trainer, markers, live blade.

Pressure testing is only done after full understanding.

WE DO NOT PRESSURE TEST AGGRESSIVE KNIFE ASSAULTS ON UNTRAINED & UNSKILL NOVICES. If someone does not understand how can he know. We are NOT a «McDojo»; like all useful knowledge it to be understood, not memorized.

We do not train for the famous phrase «expect to get cut» as propogated by people who do not understand knife orientation/culture. We expect that we «might» get cut, its just a matter of minimizing the chances of it.

If yr a driving instructor, would you tell yr students before-hand «you WILL be in an accident, regardless of how you drive» or «you MIGHT get into an accident if yr not careful»?


I would like to thank Rhayn Jooste for his dedication, constant support and friendship.


For information & enquiries, setting up a study group or classes in your area, instructor courses, for workshops, seminars or private instruction;

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